Any fans of John Grant can prepare to be instantly enamoured by Jetpack Syndrome’s latest single “Gift”. In an ingeniously immersive mash up of 80s Synth Electronica, Hip Hop and sardonic wit, the up and coming artist has curated his sound to sit neatly on the contemporary curve. 

The level of experimentalism found within Gift proves that Jetpack Syndrome have just what it takes to create infectiously fresh tracks. The level of progression found within the soundscape ensures that there isn’t a hint of predictability. From a fairly archetypal Hip Hop beat, Gift transcends into fairly wavy, sonic aural chaos as the track starts to draw to a close, but even as Jetpack Syndrome tests the boundaries of music it is still perceptible that there is an infinite amount of talent put into the way the multi-layered instrumental arrangement fits together so tightly. 

You can check out Jetpack’s exciting new single for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now. 

Review by Amelia Vandergast