The Name

"Jetpack Syndrome is our name for a very deliberate reason. It illuminates the false relationship between achievement and true happiness. We tend to believe that a certain amount of wealth, a certain level of popularity, or how we look in the mirror will solve all of our deeply rooted issues. All of these achievements are similar in the fact that they give us a temporary illusion of fulfillment, thus leaving us unsatisfied and unhappy again, and again, and again. We as a band try avoiding this consequence by doing something a bit strange. We combined the idea of 'being truly happy' with 'flying', to illustrate the important resemblances between the two. They are known to represent similar sensations... while on the other hand, are known for being rather impossible to achieve all on our own. We believe that if one hopes to truly achieve flight, it requires something much better, and much more genuine than those "desirable" achievements mentioned earlier. That thing, is purpose.

The three rings in our logo represent what WE believe makes up a foundation for our own purpose as a band. Practicing integrity, altruism, and passion while writing and expressing our music drives this purpose, and perhaps you can benefit from focusing on these meanings in your own work as well. But remember, you must find what gives YOU purpose. That is the whole point. And once you find what sparks you, and begin truly chasing that, you will notice something awaken within you that was never there previously. We decided to name this sensation.

We call this : sprouting your wings.

And once you have your wings, you will be free from the temptation of jetpacks once and for all. You will be able to fly all on your own, forever.

We promise, you will know when they appear.

Our band name, Jetpack Syndrome, defines as, "A disorder one receives when they are constantly, blindly, and endlessly seeking out jetpacks in an attempt to fly."

Jetpacks, no matter how great some may seem, will never truly give you flight.

Seek out what gives you wings, and remember, we should all strive to never have Jetpack Syndrome."