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So whats the deal with my mind these days?
It is the hunter while I am the prey, okay?
Everyday I wake, its the same old game
Whats the point in leaving bed anyways?
It doesn't make any sense
These bad thoughts are too dense
It doesn't matter though, I can't even tell the parents
'Cause back in their day they just had to be tough
And there was just no room for not trying enough
So what is the game plan, if any at all?
The weight of everything has got me down to a crawl
At one point nothing could back us up to a wall
But the shadows start to grow with their horns and their claws
Well what is the point then, can anyone guess?
I know its hard to think buried under the stress
And all the demons tryna fit inside of your mess
But there will be just no room if you're self-possessed

Lend me your breath, ill turn it into light
Theres something gnawing, and screaming 'bide your time'
And echoed whispers scream 'you should run and hide'
This Gift's persisting, resisting thoughts of mine

Lose your mind, the one you have is eating you alive
Lose your mind, and search inside and see what you might find

So welcome back I could have sworn that you'd leave
Because nobody wants to think of thoughts like these, I mean
There is a saying and it goes like this :
So now that we know about the issue at hand
We can put our heads together and come up with a plan
Like killing off the negative voice in your head
Thats saying stuff like 'you're better off dead' and
I know its easier said than done
And I know your main priority is having fun
But one day you'll hit the age of 81
And reflect on your life to when it just begun
Then what will you think 'like-father-like-son'?
Did you chase your dreams or not even run?
Will you wish that your whole life could be undone?
Or will you stand above the noise because you know that you've won?

You got a brain kid, how about we try to use it
You say you're thinking now but I'm sure you just abuse it
With the lies, excuses, you cannot hide the bruises
Are you running this life, or waiting till you're our of time?