1. Circles

From the recording Circles

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Lock the gates, push it to the side and face the day
Don’t worry, it can’t escape
It hasn’t had a meal in 4 whole days
Let it wait, if it smells blood it will feast on hate
Don’t think it will go away ‘cause even though its weak it hunts for prey

Just stay sane
Try to keep it simple don’t complicate the sick game
Staying alive and trying to find a hiding place
Before it tires to find the time to show its face
Then you realize it’s unlocked the gates

And now its broken loose
Its fashioning its noose
I hear it call
The time has come for you to fall

All this addicting drifting
How long do I have to go?
Too much sadistic twisting
My brain is ready to blow

So, can I get someone, who maybe understands how this begun
There’s a man in my head who talks to much and he’s saying stuff like “You’re never enough” and
Even though I know the man, is another one of me trying to ruin the plan
Of one day finally killing the man, the man is me, an evil me you see?
And even though its hard to be, on the opposite end looking in we can agree
That we all have a mind to free, from the grips of a dark reality and
I know what I say is true because we all have seen what demons do
When once they were small but then they grew
And now they have us by the head, do you see them too?

The ground is quickly sinking, ready to swallow me whole
Into a pit of thinking, my BRAIN IS READY TO BLOW